East Bay Center for the Blind


Fall 2021
Newsletter of
The East Bay Center for the Blind, Inc.
2928 Adeline St.
Berkeley, CA 94703


I am so pleased to announce the East Bay Center for the Blind (EBCB)  is now again available to  our community.  We re-opened as of Oct. 5 2021, after being closed since March of 2020 because of the covid epidemic.  We must continue to practice safety first, so for now we can only be open by appointment.  Everyone attending must show proof of vaccination and wear a mask at all times while in the center.  We are   unable to have large group gatherings except remotely by phone or zoom, until conditions reach a higher level of safety.

We are able to offer classes, some in person and some remotely, again, by appointment only.

I have often thought through this time of isolation and being apart from one another, that technology has had a significant part in easing our disconnection and loneliness to some degree at least.

This continues to be true for EBCB’s ability to have group meetings and classes by zoom and phone as well as the limited in-person classes at our center.  More about activities later in this bulletin.

Save the Date — EBCB Election

With our prolonged closure, we are long-overdue for our election of EBCB board of directors and officers.  The current board has decided to set aside our usual procedures for election, and open elections up to include all board and officer positions.  Our election will be held at our Quarterly Business Meeting on January 22 2022 at 1:00 PM.  We’ll let you know later whether it will be in person or by zoom.

At our recent Business Meeting, a nominating committee was formed to put together a slate of recommended candidates, but please remember these are just committee suggestions,  and nominations can be made from the floor at the Business Meeting election.  Please be thinking of nominations to offer, which can include yourself of course.

Dues for 2022 can be paid at any time.  It’s preferred that dues be paid by the January Business Meeting, but  must be paid by March 1 2022. 


Up-coming Center Changes

Our wonderful Administrative  Assistant  / Bookkeeper, Catherine Pauling will be leaving us in December. Like so many, she is being forced to relocate due to lack of affordable housing.  We have a replacement, who is currently being trained.  We’ll miss Catherine greatly, but happily she is pleased with her new location up north, and we wish her all the best. 

I also want to let you know I will be retiring from my Executive Director position in September of 2022.  It’s too soon for an official posting, but please pass the word and be thinking of people who might be a good fit for EBCB.

Activities Currently Available

Technology Training is available by appointment as follows.

Call the specific instructor  at 510-843-6935 to arrange in-person or remote instruction.

Adaptive computer with JAWS — instructor Fran Franks

iPhone — instructor Fran Franks.

Braille instruction — Patty Nash.

Victor Stream — instructor Patty Nash

Special computer support — We are Here to Help.  Are you having difficulty with online things you need to get done, but you need help?  Staff and volunteers at EBCB are available to help with internet tasks you may be having trouble accessing.  Call us at 510-843-6935 to set up an in-person or remote appointment.

Groups / classes which are conducted remotely are as follows.

Exercise and movement — Kathleen Davis. Mondays 2:00 to 3:00 PM by conference call.

Support group — Carrie Carter and Patty Overland.  Fridays 10:00 AM to noon by conference call.

I Love Braille”  — Thursdays 9:00  to 10:00AM, Vileen Shah, via Zoom.

We look forward to adding more classes and resuming our social activities and in-person business meetings as soon as safety allows.  Meanwhile, it’s wonderful to be back in touch more regularly.

Again.  Please don’t hesitate to call us for information, or just to re-connect and get back in touch.  Please be thinking about our election, and be sure to attend our Business Meeting on Saturday, January 22 at 1:00 PM. I look forward to seeing you  then.  All my best wishes to each of you for happy holidays.

Jan Santos, Executive Director

East Bay Center for the Blind

2928 Adeline St., Berkeley, CA 94703

Phone 510-843-6935

Email: info@eastbaycenterfortheblind.org

Website: eastbaycenterfortheblind.org